Nunavut MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq announced Thursday that she won’t seek a second term in office.

“Even though I will not be running again, for the remainder of my term, I will continue to fight for Nunavummiut. I will continue to focus on basic human rights and work with leadership to ensure that the expansion of the Mary River Mine respects all stakeholders and that the COVID assistance provided is what is needed in Nunavut,” Qaqqaq wrote on her Facebook page. “I will also be tabling legislation to get Indigenous languages on federal ballots. In Nunavut, 64.5 per cent of individuals’ first language is Inuktitut or Inuinnaqtun. As a step toward reconciliation and to ensure democracy, Indigenous languages should be included on election ballots.

“As we know, federal institutions like the House of Commons, aren’t easily changed and governments don’t help Indigenous peoples without an immense amount of pressure. From raising awareness with my housing tour to raising issues in the House of Commons in question period, and in committees, I have taken every chance I could to fight and speak out.

”I have had the pleasure of meeting so many who have been kind and open to sharing their stories of resilience. From the first day of the campaign until today, I could not have done it without all the support and encouragement. Together, we have been able to show the reality we face in the North – the rates of death by suicide, the low availability of housing, and the struggles people face every day just for their own basic human rights – to the rest of Canada.

“I’m incredibly thankful for this opportunity to be able to bring a voice to the House of Commons that speaks truth and reality. And, just because I have decided that this institution is not the place for me right now, all Inuit, youth, and Nunavummiut should know that change is possible and our voices matter. You can do anything you set your mind to, and if you have room in your life to try to help others, please do so.”

Qaqqaq, who was raised in Baker Lake, was elected in 2019 at the age of 25. She captured 40.8 per cent of the popular vote as the NDP candidate.

The governing Liberals may decide to call the next election sooner, but the latest it can by held by legislation is Oct. 16, 2023.

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  1. She’s just stressed out; she needs to be re-elected she is like the “Indigenous Princess of Nunavut,” I recognize her as that… not impressed with this decision especially when I agreed that I would come there as a friend and transport affordable groceries and help with the housing issue that she is so passionate about and help with the people and their health care and creating employment etc. I even said that I would move my dog breeding business and dog sleeding teams there for the people to take care of for me to create employment while I travel! I even am coming up there NEXT SUMMER!!! To test to see if I am successful in growing Cranberries….since there is so much sand and they love accidity and the cold climate… so if I am going to go through all the trouble to do that, she is going to run to be re-elected… because I cared that she cared so if she doesnt than I dont either…


    I agree that ballots in Nunavut should be in Indigenous language; that is sane. Especially when the majority of people speak their native tongue there, so they will do that, I will be sure to write into Parliament to request that change and make that happen. That would only be fair.

    I know that working in the Government is stressful especially with the threats, insulate behavior, arrogance from the wealthy and vulgarity; but, she is already in the position and I like her in it…

    So am I doing this? If she is I will… I will follow through on all of it…

    I don’t want to make the place inhabitable is all; because then it will become too popular and people will move there and the indigenous people will loose their land, their culture and everything else so this is a very touchy situation because I want to preserve the indigenous culture in Nunavut and not welcome it to be a new suburb…

    Yes or No?

  2. I have an idea.

    How about we go in for a “deal,” this issue has been relevant for some time now. I am of the Russia / Norwegian / Finnish (Scandinavian ) people that travelled to Canada before the English and the French came over.

    This being over 200 years ago; it was peaceful then until their invasion which brought a lot of destruction and hardship to a lot of people; defacing their intellect and impeeding on their lively hood.

    I feel that the best way to mend this issue is to “pay out,” “Royalties,” on provincial income of 15-20% annually; this amount of money would then be given to Indigenous communities to operate their own government with. This protecting and maintaining their Ethics, morals, intentions, psychic connections and ways of life. This would then take “status,” people off of the “Canadian Social Services,” system that they have been associated with due to stolen livelyhood; this on the grounds that those opportunities would have been theirs if they were not taken by others. That way this money would be held in Trust by Indigenous affairs in each province that has a registered Indigenous reserve; this percentage would be basis of access and fairness. Then there would be no direct “possession,” over these people by Canadian or Foreign citizens through social welfare; each registered indigenous person would then receive an annual pay out amount that would not be recognized as “dependency,” but recognized as a a “pay out,” making it their money rightfully. With that money they could then create their own government programs to help with housing, education, health and investor and business education; to then turn that “pay out,” into an investment and supplement income giving this population the chance to compete; which they currently do not due to oppression.

    I feel that a Royalties pay out is the only chance we have to finally make peace on this topic within Canada; it is a hurtful past and know that the people that came over here, came here to escape that torment in Europe; that is the natural instinct of a person to survive. But continuing to rival this without a solution is sort of annoying and it isn’t fair… so, lets deal with it.

    I will start the process for you…

    Be re-elected and I will help you if you want.

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