The launch of the 2021 Qilaut CD, for the Government of Nunavut’s annual Inuktut songwriting contest of the same name, took place on May 14 with two concerts featuring the winners at the Aqsarniit Hotel in the afternoon and evening.

Free Qilaut CDs and merchandise was also given away during the concerts, from USB sticks to hoodies, there was plenty for everyone.

The winners of the 2021 Qilaut Competition are as follows:

– Grand Prize Winner: Joey Nowyuk for Annirilavut, $5,000

– Runner-up Winner: Debbie Oyukuluk for Nagligivagi, $2,500

– Third Place Winner: Kallaarjuk and Daniel Taukie for Tangiaq, $1,500

Remaining Top 10 Winners, $500:

– Alphas, Takujariurakki

– Alphas, Quviana

– Daniel Kolala, Qungalluti

– Eemali Kolola, Qatanngutigiituta

– Eva and Mallory Okatsiak, My Mom

– Rosalie Pissuk, Nutarautilluta

– Mary and Joey, Tikittugu

Qilaut is a Government of Nunavut program which is intended to strengthen the use of Inuktut as directed by the Inuit Language Protection Act, Qilaut was co-presented by Qaggiavuut in partnership with the Government of Nunavut’s department of culture and heritage.

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