Nunavut RCMP is seeking feedback from the public on the body camera pilot project that has taken place in Iqaluit over the past several months.

As the project moves to the evaluation phase, Mounties in the capital city will no longer wear body cameras as of June 1.

A confidential online survey can be found at:

The RCMP indicated Tuesday that it plans to share the results of the body camera pilot project publicly.

The recording devices are used during mental health calls, when people are in crises, when crimes are in progress, for investigations and to maintain public order.

Bystanders who are filmed will have their faces and licence plates blurred and their voices will be distorted to protect their privacy, so long as they were not directly involved in the incident.

Copies of videos can be obtained through Access to Information requests, but videos without critical details are only saved for 30 days.

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