Social media on Baker Lake was abuzz this Thursday with allegations of improper actions from a new person in the community.

Baker Lake RCMP were notified of a circulating social media post about a male giving candy to children at the playground and taking photos of them, stated the Nunavut RCMP’s media relations unit in an email to Kivalliq News.

“RCMP investigated the complaint,” stated the email. “It was learned that a new resident of Baker Lake had been at the playground and had brought candy with him to share with the children.”

“No offence was committed therefore no charges have been laid.”

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  1. I used to hold Nunavut News in such high regard, but after this article, I no longer do. Why did you feel this article even necessary? Why silence the children and their courage in coming forth by dismmising their claims as rumours? Who made you the judge? Just because there were no charges, doesn’t mean the children’s stories were not true. We live with a system that does more to protect perpetrators than protecting victims. Nunavut News should not be reporting prematurely on a potentially developing situation.

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