Elisapee Sheutiapik, MLA for Iqaluit-Sinaa and minister of Family Services, announced on Sept. 9 that she will not be seeking another term in office.

“We all know that I went through hardships, murders, suicides, and people dying from illness. Irrespective of that, I was able to pull through. It’s great, but I won’t be seeking re-election,” Sheutiapik told her colleagues in the legislative assembly.

She served one term as MLA and was mayor of Iqaluit from 2003-2010.

Sheutiapik spoke of Nunavut’s mental health challenges and the importance of training.

“…I’m an example. I’m not a high school graduate, but look at the training I have received and look what I have done with it, so let’s not forget training,” she said.

She spoke of how Elders in Iglulik, Chesterfield Inlet and Arctic Bay had an impact on her during her term. She also extended gratitude to her fellow MLAs.

“Thank you because all of my hurdles that I felt in the last two years have an impact on Family Services. I hope you continue to support this department, as they have many challenges, but I know they have amazing ideas,” she said.

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