The Department of Health declared an outbreak of tuberculosis (TB) in Naujaat on Tuesday, following a spike of active cases in the community.

There are currently six active cases of TB and 10 cases of latent TB in Naujaat, a community of less than 1,300 people, which has necessitated “enhanced public health follow-up,” according to a public health advisory.

Those who have come into contact with an active TB case are encouraged to visit the health centre for screening as soon as possible, as are those exhibiting symptoms.

Symptoms of active TB include coughing that lasts longer than three weeks, feeling unusually tired, loss of appetite, fever and night sweats.

TB is treatable and can be cured with medicine that is available in the community, however, it can be serious and even lethal, so it’s important to get tested, receive treatment, and take medication as directed by your health care provider, according to the Department of Health.

Community members with questions are encouraged to contact their local health centre.

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  1. A few had tuberculosis but the nurse kept saying they were completely fine and that they’re overreacting, 3 got sent through medivac after going back and forth to the health centre for more than a week, does someone have to die for the territory to finally wake up by what happens in each community or are they going to keep this cycle going? It’s very scary that they keep doing this to Inuit. We shouldn’t let this happen and have equal rights as everyone else in Canada. Are the healthcare providers that get sent to Nunavut actually have a degree or are they just hiring anyone? That’s the real question that goes through my head.

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