There is a tuberculosis (TB) outbreak in Pangnirtung, declared Nunavut’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Michael Patterson on Nov. 25.

Recently staff within the Department of Health were able to establish definitive links between all cases of tuberculosis within the community and will be managing the outbreak with public health follow-ups.

The growing number of cases in Pangnirtung and challenges in establishing how people were exposed are factors that led to the declaration of an outbreak.

Community members who have been exposed to an active tuberculosis case, or have symptoms of TB should visit the health centre for screening.

Tuberculosis symptoms include:

– Cough which lasts longer than three weeks;

– Feeling overly tired;

– Loss of appetite;

– Fever or night sweats.

The Department of Health noted that TB is a treatable disease and medications are available in the community. If anyone has any questions please contact your local health centre.

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