Vaccinations and testing have gone into overdrive in Iqaluit with the Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated-sponsored mass walk-in clinic opening it’s doors on June 16 at the Curling Rink.

Iqaluit Public Health’s mobile clinic got started the week before.


The mobile clinic appeared on June 15 just outside D.J. Specialties. Trevor Wright/NNSL photo 

Iqalummiut aged 12-and-up were able to get vaccinated at the Curling Rink with the Pfizer vaccine and there were various incentives to get vaccinated.

The City of Iqaluit was offering three door prizes worth $500 each while NTI gave out $25 vouchers to Inuit following each dose.

The mobile clinic that popped up in various locations such the Beer and Wine Store and DJ Specialties in the city were conducting surveillance testing and Moderna vaccinations for those 18-and-older.

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