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Amittuq – Nunavut Election 2017 candidate profile

Seven candidates are seeking election in Amittuq: Solomon Angugasak Allurut, Paul Haulli, Jason Ikeperiar, Erasmus Ivvalu, Joelie Kaernerk, Reena Akumalik Irqittuq and incumbent George Quviq Qulaut. Ivvalu and Qulaut did not submit profiles. 

Solomon Angugasak Allurut

Reason for running:

I have always been interested in politics. I want to represent our riding (Amittuq) that continues to struggle with education, housing, health and social services, employment, and economic development.

I am also interested in enhancing the betterment of our young people and creating a brighter future in our community.

The government needs to integrate more Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit into its programs and services. That will essentially bring about a better and brighter future for all.




Paul Haulli
Born in Iglulik; has lived in Hall Beach for over 15 years
Age: 57
Family status: Common-law with two children

Reason for running:

My number one reason why I'm running is because Hall Beach is a small community and a lot of times the small communities are left out. I want to be a voice for this small community because we are part of Nunavut too.


Jason Ikeperiar

Reason for running:

I am running for MLA because change is needed in our government. For so many years housing has been a problem here in Hall Beach.

I also want to change the employment sector in government. Forty-one per cent is a low Inuit employment rate, and I want to make it easier for Inuit to become managers or get professional job titles in our society.

I know we have to make changes in our government and we need better representation.

Finally, I want to add that marijuana laws should be small community-friendly, and Hall Beach be the marijuana hub for all Nunavummiut. Hall Beach has nothing and was never included during Nunavut's decentralization process. Now, here's our chance, and I want to make it count.





Reena Akumalik Irqittuq
Cashier at Tim Hortons/janitor at Northern
Hall Beach
Age: 39
Family status: Separated

Reason for running:

I am running for Amittuq MLA because I want to help make improvements for our communities, to work hard and be open to the public. I want to help us to have a better future and plan what we can do as a community.


Joelie Kaernerk
Baffinland liaison officer
Hall Beach
Age: 43
Family status: Common law

Reason for running:

I want to help this community to understand and support how government works to assist the residents of this riding. All residents, young and old, need to see more activities such as Inuit Games, a resource centre, a public library and other services made available to everyone.