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Arviat North-Whale Cove — Nunavut Election 2017 candidate profiles

John Main takes on incumbent George Kuksuk in Arviat North-Whale Cove.

George Kuksuk

George Kuksuk
Incumbent MLA - currently Minister of Culture and Heritage, and Languages
Age: 62
Family status: Common-law


Reason for running:


I want to continue to help and make Arviat and Whale Cove a better place to live in. I want to continue to ensure that these two communities are not being left out from any GN-funded programs and services. I want to be there to keep a close watch and to make sure that the GN will move forward with its planned spending on infrastructure for Arviat and Whale Cove, which include a new airport terminal for Whale Cove, a safer water source, a new school for Arviat, improved boat launch pad for our hunters, more public/staff housing for both communities, improved elder/homecare facilities, good education for our students in our schools and to promote Inuktuk services and programs at the highest level, and better transient services for the medical travellers. I also want to ensure that the mine operators work very closely with Arviat and Whale Cove to protect/monitor the wildlife in the affected areas.


John Main

John Main
Business owner/consultant
Age: 37
Family Status: Married (happily!) with two kids


Reason for running:


I’m running because I want to help make positive changes to our communities and to Nunavut as a whole.

I was raised here, and believe we can make things better for the future and our children.

On the issues – the biggest Arviat and Whale Cove face are health care, education, housing and a lack of jobs.

I have the skills, the experience, and the energy to find funding and creative solutions to help with these issues.


Here are a few of my ideas under each issue:


Health Care & Housing

Better services for mental health and addictions treatment

Push for expansion of services and housing for elders

Better access to family doctors

Invest in prevention programs like cancer screening and  immunizations

Experiment with housing construction and maintenance to lower costs



Continue promoting Inuktitut with bilingualism as the end goal

Empower schools to improve school attendance rates

Support for special needs students and families

Traditional skills learned at local training centres


Jobs and Business

Build capacity in mine training and support

Customize the business support provided in our communities

Ensure jobs from construction projects go to local workers

Develop bear tourism and invest in Papiruq Fish Plant


If elected, I plan to work openly and as part of a team, and will include our local organizations and residents in my work.

As a strong speaker, I can deliver the messages that our residents feel are being ignored. I will speak for those who need a voice.

I strongly believe that we need to unite to find solutions – and I’m the person that can to bring people together as your MLA.