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Arviat South — Nunavut Election 2017 candidate profiles

Incumbent Joe Savikataaq seeks re-election and Jason Gibbons challenges in Arviat South.   


Jason Taptakut Gibbons

Jason Taptakut Gibbons
Maintenance manager at Arviat Housing Association
Arviat, born and raised
Age: 48
Family status: Married, father of four, grandfather of three, born and raised in Arviat.


Reason for running:


Improving the wellbeing, the economy and living conditions of Arviatmiut. Main focuses: education, language, housing, employment, health care, environment, others.
















Joe Savikataaq
MLA, Minister of Community and Government Services, Environment, Energy, and chair of Hudson Bay Regional Round Table
Age: 56
Family status: Wife Susan, and three grown kids, Joe Jr., Jamie and Wendy

Joe Savikataaq

Reason for running:


I am running for re-election on the same principles that got me elected in 2013: Be the voice for Arviatmiut and do my best for the betterment of Arviat.

I believe that an elected official is a servant of the people who elected him or her, and as a MLA and minister in our current government, I worked hard and did my best to work by that standard. I take time to hear everyone’s concerns and issues, then help to resolve the issue if possible.

I work and communicate with the hamlet to encourage and foster long-term development in Arviat to create long-term lasting employment in Arviat. I will continue to lobby for the power line, fiber optic internet and road from Manitoba.

Experience can only be acquired by doing the work that is required of a person to fulfil the duties of a job and I have the experience as MLA and minister. I have the experience and work ethic to get the job done.

One other quality I have and always use is my common sense. When an issue comes up, I get all the best and most current information on the topic and put some common sense in the mix and come up with a solution or the next best thing to resolve the problem.

I am also a team player and if you want to get results in a consensus style government like we have in Nunavut, all the MLAs and ministers have to work as a team. That does not mean that we will always agree all the time on a subject or what needs to be done to solve the many challenges we are facing in Nunavut, but we will work out our differences to get the job done for the betterment of Nunavut.