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Netsilik – Nunavut Election 2017 candidate profiles

The Netsilik riding will see incumbent Emiliano Qirngnuq attempt to fend off challenger Joe Tulurialik.

Joe Tulurialik
Employer: Northwestel
Age: 39
Family status: Happily married with three daughters

Joe Tulurialik

Reason for running:

I'd like to be the voice for the riding. I'm confident and outspoken, and I'll fight for what both communities need: infrastructure, business or whatever both communities lack. I've been on various committees and groups throughout the years: hamlet council, Co-op board, housing board, men's group, youth groups, National Youth Summit on Climate Change.

I can never stress enough that education is key in Nunavut and, of course, not to forget cultural knowledge. I'd like to see an Inuit cultural centre in one of the communities.

Health care is a big issue that needs to be addressed. Disabilities in Nunavut are totally neglected. The government needs to address this, and now. We have an old health centre here and it's vacant now, I would push hard for that to become an elders care facility.

Housing is an ongoing problem in both communities.

Interpreting Co-op AGMs for the past couple years, I pretty much know what both communities need.

I'd like to lobby the government to put on evaluation on what needs to improve and ask people for their input on how the government is going.

If I get voted in as MLA, I will lobby the government for Kugaaruk to have their own MLA as well as Taloyoak's MLA. Netsilik riding loses on a lot of opportunity when it comes to voting in their own cabinet.

I am a hunter. We are not to forget where we come from as Inuit.

We need to re-ignite and be proud to be Nunavummiut again, and we need to get people interested to vote again, just like when Nunavut was created.

Emiliano Qirngnuq

Reason for running:

Three reasons:

-In my year and a half I feel I have not finish my work as MLA representing the communities of Taloyoak and Kugaaruk

-My peers in each community have asked me if I'm running again

-I enjoy very much supporting the two communities, young and old alike.