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Tununiq — Nunavut Election 2017 candidate profiles

Jeannie Mills and David Qamaniq challenge incumbent Joe Enook for the Tununiq seat. Qamaniq did not respond to survey requests and Enook declined to participate.


Jeannie Mills

Jeannie Mills
Registered nurse
Pond Inlet
Age: 64
Family status: Divorced, with one grown child who lives in Houston, Texas. I live alone in the house I own in Pond Inlet.

Reason for running:

I have been a community health nurse in Nunavut for many years, and currently I am the home care nurse. There is a crisis in healthcare delivery in the communities in Nunavut and as a front-line health care worker I know what works, what doesn't, and what needs to happen to fix it. This last year I became so alarmed and frustrated with the situation, I felt compelled to run.