The Municpal Enforcement Department for the City of Iqaluit released their monthly statistical report dated July 1 to Sept. 30 on Oct. 23 ahead of the Oct. 27 city council meeting.

The subtotal for all the fines issued during these months altogether is $27,975.

The department cites staffing levels at five: one chief, one sergeant, one municipal enforcement officer and two trainees.

Highlighted in the report are 177 violation tickets, 28 written warnings, 17 verbal warnings and 17 towed and impounded vehicles.

Ninety of those violations were issued in respect for speeding, 68 of them were found speeding 17 to 29 kilometres over the speed limit, 19 of those tickets were 30 to 40 kilometres over the limit and three were found speeding 41 to 49 kilometres over the speed limit.

Ten of these violations were issued for people holding or using a handheld electronic device while driving.

Other infractions involved one for operating a motor vehicle without securing their child in a restraint system and another three were operating a motor vehicle without the proper class of license. Two were found operating a vehicle without due care and attention.

There were a total of four violation tickets issued for dog attacks/bites reported.

From July 1 to Sept. 30 177 fines were levied in Iqaluit to the tune of $27,975. image courtesy of the City of Iqaluit

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