Martha Aktichok scooped up the first-place prize – an ice auger – and also took home $200 for the seventh-place entry in the Gjoa Haven fishing derby on Nov. 9.

Close to 30 people took part in the event, said recreation coordinator Kathy Okpakok.

“They do that (derby) every year as soon as the ice freezes up, it’s just like a mini fishing derby,” said Okpakok, adding that it was a “pretty stormy” day.

From left, Gjoa Haven fishing derby participants Mary Qingaqtuq, Susie Atkichok, Billy Nimiqtaqtuq, AJ Hiqiniq, Abel Tavalok, Bob Hatkaitok, and Ed Devereaux, senior administrative officer for Hamlet of Gjoa Haven. photo courtesy of Kathy Okpakok/Gjoa Haven recreation department

The full results were as follows:

First place: Martha Atkichok – Ice auger (41 cm fish)

Second place: Billy Nimiqtaqtuq – $500 (37.5 cm)

Third place: Abel Tavalok – $400 (34 cm)

Fourth place : Mary Qingaqtuq – Gun case (33.75 cm)

Fifth place (tie): Bob Hatkaitok – $150 (33.5 cm) and AJ Hiqiniq – $150.00 (33.5 cm) – they split $300

Seventh place: Martha Atkichok – $200 (31.5 cm)

Eighth place: Lisa Aglukkaq – $150 (17.75 cm)

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