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Alleged armed robber makes off with city car

A short crime spree involving an armed robbery and a stolen City of Iqaluit vehicle in Iqaluit resulted in one arrest hours later.

Iqaluit RCMP charged a 21-year old man with armed robbery, impaired operation of a motor vehicle, and breach of probation early Dec. 4. Marvin Tunnillie allegedly stole this city vehicle and abandoned it after getting stuck on Apex bridge.
photo courtesy Iqaluit Rant and Rave/Facebook

Iqaluit RCMP report that early in the evening of Dec. 3, police attended a local business.

"It was alleged that a young man walked into a store in Iqaluit, used a weapon and requested money from the clerk. He then left the store without further incident with an undisclosed amount of money," stated Cpl. Henry Coman in a news release.

"This investigation is still on-going, so I cannot say what was used, other than it was not a firearm," Coman told Nunavut News.

There were no customers in the store at the time, and RCMP say no one was injured.

Around midnight, the same man allegedly stole a vehicle and was then arrested for impaired driving.

The arrest came after the accused jammed the car on the bridge leading to the Apex subdivision.

"Same person, but the vehicle was taken later and not used in the robbery," said Coman.

Marvin Tunnillie, 21, was arrested in the early morning hours of Monday, Dec. 4 and charged with armed robbery, impaired operation of a motor vehicle, and breach of probation.

"With a great response time, and witness information provided, the suspect involved was able to be apprehended very quickly," said Coman.

RCMP continue to seek witnesses of either incident.