Canada’s governor general has announced 120 new appointments to the Order of Canada and John Amagoalik, Johnny Issaluk, Paul Nicklen and Joseph Svoboda are among them.

John Amagoalik, one of the “fathers of Nunavut,” is being invested in the Order of Canada. Johnny Issaluk, Paul Nicklen and Joseph Svoboda have also earned the designation. photo courtesy Qikiqtani Inuit Association

Amagoalik was chosen for his “leadership in Canada’s North, notably for his integral role in the creation of Nunavut.” He was one of 38 new members of the Order of Canada to earn an officer designation, which recognizes national service or achievement.

Issaluk gained entry for his “contributions as an athlete, actor, educator and Arctic ambassador who has increased the visibility of Northern and Inuit culture.” He’s been recognized at the member level, which goes to those who have made “outstanding contributions at the local or regional level or in a special field of activity.”

Nicklen, also invested as a member of the Order of Canada, is being celebrated for his “contributions as a leading nature photojournalist who has raised awareness of environmental issues in Canada and worldwide.”

Joseph Svoboda, receiving an officer designation, has pioneered research on tundra ecosystems and has been a longtime mentor for scientists analyzing the Arctic.

The date of the award ceremony in Ottawa has yet to be announced.

They are approximately 7,500 individuals who have been awarded the Order of Canada since the award’s inception in 1967. The honour is bestowed upon people “whose service shapes our society, whose innovations ignite our imaginations, and whose compassion unites our communities,” according to the Governor General of Canada’s website.

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