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Arctic sports competitors for the future

Quentin Sala has been gathering up the youth in Sanikiluaq since early February for Arctic sports, and it's proving popular.

photo courtesy Quentin Sala
The youth of Sanikiluaq are learning all about Arctic Sports from nineteen year-old Quentin Sala, who runs the program for the hamlet five days a week.

"About 50 children every day," said Sala, adding that happens five times a week.

Sala learned about Arctic sports from his gym teacher when he was a kid, but has never competed.

"I've never been into tournaments. I've been trying my best to do demonstrations and instructing the kids," said Sala. "The kids have learned so much. I'm very proud of them. I hope they will achieve their goals in the future."

Hudson Bay MLA Allan Rumbolt was equally proud when he returned to the legislative assembly last week.

"Quentin is teaching dozens of youth, some as young as six years old, the tricks and techniques of Arctic sports such as the one-foot high kick, the one-hand reach, and the two-foot high kick. In a few years they will be major contenders at the Arctic Winter Games," Rumbolt told his fellow MLAs.

A competition was scheduled for Saturday, March 24 and 80 youth signed up.

The hamlet's plan is to continue the program at the community hall into June.