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Arena mould cleanup contract awarded

The contract to address the mould that led to the shutdown of the Cambridge Bay arena in 2017-18 has been awarded.

It will cost $257,000 to address mould issues at the Cambridge Bay arena. Qillaq Construction of Cambridge Bay has been awarded the remediation contract.
NNSL file photo

Community and Government Services (CGS) has selected Qillaq Construction, based in Cambridge Bay, to complete the job for $257,000.

CGS director of capital projects Paul Mulak previously told Nunavut News that he anticipated the work would be complete by October.

However, not all of the mould will be removed from the building this summer, Mulak said. There will be restricted access to the spores left behind on the second floor, in the curling rink and in the arena's crawlspace, and the remaining contaminated material will be sealed in place by antimicrobial sealant or polyethylene sheeting, Mulak stated several weeks ago.

Further renovations and upgrades to the facility – including measures to address excess moisture and water drainage – will be undertaken in 2019 and 2020, according to Mulak.