Christal Kabluitok beat the odds in a big way when she pulled the Ace of Spades in the Chase the Ace draw at the Rankin Inlet arena this past Friday, Oct. 19.

Fire Chief Mark Wyatt, left, smiles as Christal Kabluitok displays the Ace of Spades she drew during Chase the Ace at the Rankin arena this past Friday, Oct. 19, 2018.
Photo courtesy Noel Kaludjak

There were still 29 cards left in the deck when Kabluitok nailed the Ace of Spades, which had her taking home a cool $18,858.
This marked the second go-around for Chase the Ace in Rankin.
No word, as of press time, if another chapter of the popular Chase the Ace fundraiser for the Rankin Inlet Fire Department and ambulance crew will be launched in the immediate future.

Movie screening


Director Zacharias Kunuk’s latest project, Kivitoo: What they thought of us?, premiered at the 2018 ImagineNATIVE Film and Media Festival on October 21.
Kunuk attended the screening, which was announced by Isuma Distribution International this past Tuesday, Oct. 16.
Created as part of the Hunting with My Ancestors TV series, Kivitoo: What they thought of us? documents the 1963 forced relocation of the Inuit community of Kivitoo by the RCMP.
The RCMP promised that the community would be allowed to return to Kivitoo and that the forced relocation was only a temporary measure.
When the community was finally able to return they found that their homes and all of their possessions had been burned and bulldozed.
The award-winning Kunuk visited the old settlement of Kivitoo with the last members of the camp, giving them an opportunity to have their heartbreaking story finally heard – a story of involuntary displacement that is all too common for Inuit across the Arctic.

Curling AGM

Rankin Inlet

The Qavik Curling Club will be holding its annual general meeting this coming Saturday, Oct. 27, in the curling lounge of the Rankin Inlet arena.
The meeting gets underway at 11 a.m.
All past members, or parents of members, are requested to attend and all interested curlers and community members are welcomed.
The executive positions of president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary are up for nominations at the meeting.

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