A thrift store worker is a mysterious ninja spy at the Abluqta Society outlet as the store was ready to meet the community’s need for great Halloween costumes in Baker Lake on Oct. 10. Photo courtesy Abluqta Society

Costumed approach

Baker Lake

The Abluqta Society Thrift Shop has been in a ghostly mood while offering a wide array of Halloween costumes for community members who want to get in the scare zone on the evening of Oct. 31 in Baker Lake.

The shop has also been accepting donated Halloween costumes from residents this month as it provides Baker Lake residents with one-stop costume shopping throughout the month.

Monument planning

Rankin Inlet/Ottawa

Noel Kaludjak of Rankin Inlet was off to Ottawa this past Sunday, Oct. 20, to attend planning meetings for a national monument recognizing residential school survivors.

Kaludjak is representing the more than 150,000 survivors nationwide at the planning session.

He was invited to take part in the sessions by former Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada commissioner Marie Wilson.

Back on air


A large crowd came out to attend the official opening ceremony to welcome the Arviaqpaluk local community radio station back on the airways in Arviat on Oct. 16.

Education authority candidates


Listed below by community are the declared-and-acclaimed candidates for District Education Authority positions in the general election on Oct. 28.


All aclaimed:

Alana Kuksuk

Helen Sulurayok

Jimmy Main

Jacqueline Otuk

Sergei Mamgark

Steve England

Laurent Angalik

Baker Lake:

All acclaimed:

Elijah Amarook

Marianne Uqayuittuq

Mary Kreelak

Rebecca Penney

Siobhan Doherty-Iksiktaaryuk

Chesterfield Inlet:


Bernard Jr. Putulik

Charlotte Kattegatsiak

David Kattegatsiak

Doriana Sammurtok

Gaetano Scala

Georgina Ipkarnerk

Mark Amarok

Maryann Issaluk

Valerie Ipkarnerk

Yvonne Bedford

Coral Harbour:

All acclaimed:

Archie Kolit

Darryl Nakoolak

Doris Bruce

Leonie Pameolik

Marlene Jones

Ruth Eetuk-Pootoolik


All acclaimed:

Asina Angotingoar

Leo Akkuardjuk

Pasqualina Putulik

Romeo Kopak

Rosie Kopak

Rankin Inlet:

All acclaimed:

Albert Netser

Hannah Benoit

Mike Osmond

Rosemary Sandy

Sheila Schweder

Stan Anderson

Whale Cove:

All acclaimed:

Manu P. Nattar

Molly Okalik

Susie Kritterdluk

Alcohol education

Listed below by community are the declared-and-acclaimed candidates for Alcohol Education Committee positions in the upcoming general election on Oct. 28.

Chesterfield Inlet:


Brian Jr. Putulik

Doriana Sammurtok

Gaetano Scala

Gardner Walters

Jocelyn Simik

Michelle Amarok

Nico Kattegatsiak

Peter Jr. Kattegatsiak

Randy Boiteau

Russell Mullins

Yvonne Bedford



Alan Robinson

Bernadette Kopak

Blair Aulatjut

Conna Aoak Katokra

Irene Katokra

Joanna Kopak

Leo Akkuardjuk

Rosa Angotialuk

Tulik Richard Angotialuk

Whale Cove:

All acclaimed:

Agatha Ekwalak

Gerard Maktar

Kevin Cooney

Morgan Payne

Prime Taparti

Susie Kritterdluk

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