Rankin Inlet

A memorial was set-up near Itivia by Amanda Ford to honour the memory of Lynnora Siusangnark, 33, who was found dead in Rankin Inlet on April 26.
Photo courtesy Amanda Ford

Amanda Ford of Rankin Inlet set-up a beautiful memorial near Itivia in honour of Lynnora Siusangnark, 33, who was found dead in Rankin Inlet on April 26.

Police have released very little information in relation to Siusangnark’s death, which is still under investigation.

Residents of Rankin Inlet brought stuffed animals and flowers to the memorial and Ford made 160 red pins and collected donations of both food and money to send to Siusangnark’s family in Naujaat.

Derby season


Listed below are the names of the prize winners in both categories of the Arviat Trout and Pike Fishing Derby in Arviat from May 3 to 5, including the length of their catch and the amount of their prize money.


No.1: Karen Panigoniak, 97 cm, $5,000

No.2: Tie: Lissie Anaviapik, 96 cm, $3,500

No.3: Tie: Dorothy St. John, 96 cm, $3,500

No.4: Joy Suluk, 93 cm, $2,000

No.5: Tie: Joe Netser, 91 cm, $875

No.6: Tie: Pierre Koomak, 91 cm, $875

No.7: Lucy Netser, 89 cm, $500

No.8: Ludovic Onerk, 88 cm, $400

No.9: Tie: Kukik Baker, 87 cm, $250

No.10: Tie: Danny Curley, 87 cm, $250


No.1: Shannon Kalluak, 109 cm, $5,000

No.2: Lydia Mikiyungnik, 107 cm, $4,000

No.3: Hannah Muckpah, 106 cm, $3,000

No.4: Tie: Margaret Aulatjut, 104 cm, $1,500

No.5: Tie: Peter Mikiyungiak, 104 cm, $1,500

No.6: Vivian Muckpah, 102 cm, $7,500

No.7: Tie: Theresa Akammak, 99.5 cm, $450

No.8: Tie: Joseph Koomak, 99.5 cm, $450

No.9; Tie: Jackie King, 98 cm, $200

No.10: Tie: Mary Aulatjut, 98 cm, $200

No.11: Tie: Martha Akatsiak, 98 cm, $200

Ceremonial review

Rankin Inlet

The Rankin Inlet 3019 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps was slated to have its 32nd annual ceremonial review at the FOL building in Rankin on May 11.

Off to Italy


Arviat Film Society volunteers Ethan Tassiuk and Elissa Matoo were off to Venice, Italy, last week.

The trip was courtesy of heralded Nunavut filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk of Isuma .

The two youths were scheduled to visit Isuma’s Venice Benniale exhibit and soak in the many festivals in the area thanks to Isuma and funding from the National Gallery of Canada.

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