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Asking questions as an intervenor

An intervenor is someone or an organization that is not necessarily against an idea or project but is there to ask questions and to make sure the plans and directives are followed and followed up on.

An advocate speaks on behalf of those who seem to have no voice; the elderly, homeless, the child. This individual will go to any length to bring forward the concerns and situations to those in authority or to the ones who can provide and facilitate programs and services for their betterment.

There is an air of assertiveness in these roles, but there is also commitment and vision that drives these roles.

If a company introduced to the community a private air charter service, then as an intervenor questions the availability of qualified pilots with experience, a competent ground crew for refuelling and general airside services such loading and unloading and expediting needs. Infrastructure would have to be looked at for winter storage and a general intake area or passenger check-in counter would be needed. Perhaps a history of the company could be looked at in light of safety and record of the new charter service.

As an advocate for this new air charter company, the focus would be on the availability of aircraft for an air ambulance or size of aircraft for groups such as scientists or elders and youth on a cultural trip or for search and rescue in the event of an over-due hunter(s). The advocate would stress the lack of such services in our remote location and to those especially in the Islands of the northern sector.

Both intervenor and advocate play an essential role in the delivery of well-planned services on behalf of people who need this particular service.

In each of our communities across Nunavut we find these types of individuals intervening and advocating in times of crisis. Although societal values and the direct approach of the IQ principles are practised, people are still falling through the cracks in the maze of bureaucracy and seem to be left out until a voice is heard.

It is always hoped that situations and circumstances will not be ignored until it is too late. You can be an intervenor and an advocate for those in need.