The blockades at Baffinland Iron Mines’ Mary River mine has been lifted, the company stated early Thursday afternoon.

Baffinland is in the process of restoring operations at the airstrip and tote road, which were previously blocked by protesters from Pond Inlet and Arctic Bay for a week.

Employee and contractor transfers, food and supply flights, search and rescue flights, and other North Baffin air traffic support services that use the Mary River airstrip are expected to resume soon.

Mine production is also in the process of ramping up again.

“The blockade ended last night and they slept in the MHTO (Mittimatalik Hunters and Trappers Organization) cabin last night,” Marie Naqitarvik told Nunavut News, speaking on behalf of the protesters. “I’m not sure when they are going home.”

Brian Penney, CEO of Baffinland, expressed his gratitude to the mine’s 700 personnel at the site, 160 km south of Pond Inlet, and the workers’ families for their “support and patience during what was a challenging time.”

“The health and safety of everyone on our property remains our top priority,” Penney said. “We welcome the move to a constructive dialogue and hope to work in collaboration with our community partners to find mutually agreeable solutions to the issues that have been raised.”

On Wednesday, Pond Inlet Mayor Joshua Arreak presented terms of behalf of the hamlet to bring an end to the mine site blockades. Among those terms was for the Qikiqtani Inuit Association and Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. to pay heed to environmental and wildlife concerns expressed by harvesters and for a greater portion of royalties to be transferred to North Baffin communities.

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  1. MHTO Cabin……you mean the one that Baffinland built and put there. The one that Bafifnland maintains and provides provisions at? Is that the MHTO cabin that you mean. The one that MHTO apparently have claimed ownership of, but had nothing to do with building, or maintaining? Is that the MHTO cabin you are talking about?

  2. @ Thomasie Kalluk Avva, you should be happy that Pond Inlet worked really hard in the 1960’s right through the Early Revenue Phase to the present day. If it wasn’t for them, you would have no job up there at Baffinland.

    Show gratitude instead, don’t be ungrateful!

  3. It’s this particular family in Igloolik that have been very outspoken against the opposition by Inuit. I am glad this particular individual has been pointed out. These people have to be muzzled before they spread any more lies about the hunting culture is dead or that the younger generation will not practice their rightfully protected harvesting rights therefore Phase 2 has to be approved. Just so they can earn money while shamelessly contributing to the destruction of the environment. Shameless fundamentalists.

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