Extensive searches for Baker Lake’s Solomon Tulurialik have been unsuccessful after two weeks.

Tulurialik, 29, went missing while out boating with his son and stepson about five kilometers from the community on July 31.

Reports indicate Tulurialik ran out of fuel and decided to swim to shore to retrieve more, but it appears he never reached the shoreline. The two young boys were returned safely to the community

All information for the latest update is provided on behalf of the Hamlet of Baker Lake in collaboration with the Baker Lake Search and Rescue (SAR) and the Baker Lake RCMP.

Weather conditions improved towards the end of the week and were favourable to the search effort for the most part.

The Hutterite Emergency Aquatic Response Team (HEART) was still at work in Baker last weekend.

Emergency numbers for contact in Baker are (867) 793-1111 (24 hours) for the RCMP and (867) 793-2571 for SAR’s search desk.

Volunteers should ensure they call the SAR number to check in and out.

All search volunteers: please remember safety first and wear life jackets, floater suits and helmets. Know your limits.

Donations to the search effort can be made through GoFundMe.com – Baker Lake Search and Rescue-Sala, while EMTs can be sent to Kaviq Kaluraq at atsia@hotmail.com.

All donations help pay for HEART, gas, food, rope, hooks and many other needed supplies.

Communities across the Kivalliq have been rallying to the cause and pitching in. Volunteers in Rankin Inlet held a Penny Sale this past week, with all proceeds going to the search effort.

Search co-ordinator Richard Aksawnee took to social media to thank numerous organizations and individuals for their donations to the search effort, including the local hockey community.

“For those asking to donate cash to Search and Rescue, you can deposit your donation into the Qamani’tuaq Qiniqtiit account at the Sanavik Co-op,” he stated.

“When you make a donation to that account, the Co-op will give you a five-per-cent discount towards your purchase at the till.”

Baker’s Marianne Uqayuittuq also took to social media to thank a number of people for their fundraising efforts – as well as the community of Rankin Inlet – on behalf of the Tulurialik family.

“A heartfelt thank you to Amarotuak Wiebe, Pierreta Inukshuk and Cassandra Nattar for fundraising a lot of money ($1,298.05) for Baker Lake Search and Rescue,” stated Uqayuittuq.

“Matnalluavik Rankin Inlet for your generosity in our time of need. Our words cannot express how grateful we are.

“God says, love thy neighbor as thy love yourself, and this is a great example.

“May God bless your families abundantly! Matnatsiamiaq from the Tulurialik family.”

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