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Baker Lake – Nunavut Election 2017 candidate profile

Baker Lake is a two-way race between incumbent Simeon Mikkungwak and challenger Karen Kilikvak Kabloona. 

Karen Kilikvak Kabloona  ᑲᕆᓐ ᑭᓕᒡᕙᒃ ᖃᑉᓗᓈᖅ

Reason for running:

I'm seeking election in Baker Lake to contribute to a strong future here.

In the past eight years, there are more than 200 new young adults. Yet, only 54 per cent of public service positions are filled with Inuit, the exact same as eight years ago. Baker Lake's capital budget has been cut dramatically, which results in fewer jobs, aging buildings and unmet needs. Today, there are more and more young people looking to the future, seeking their place, and we need to boldly embrace opportunity.

I strongly believe that Baker Lake residents should be setting the priorities for the community. I will listen to and advance the community priorities and concerns.

Jobs: I will push for an Inuit employment plan with training initiatives for current and future jobs, including building a university in Baker Lake, offering the nursing program here, decentralizing additional jobs and investing in the private sector.

Wellness: I will work to restore the wellness that existed in our society before settlement through culture, language, healing and social programs such as a Wellness Hub with an emergency shelter, a safe room for those experiencing suicidal thoughts, a food bank and space for kids in need of short-term care.

Caribou Management: Hunting caribou is important for transmitting culture, mental wellness, nutrition and food security. Baker Lake residents should be included in the decisions about the caribou herds and we all need to address the sales of caribou meat on social media and the potential impacts.

Language and Culture: Inuit language and culture will help us innovate globally in the science and technology sectors. I will work to strengthen language and culture programs, such as an Inuktitut daycare and culture camps.

Infrastructure: I will advocate for better internet, sustainable energy, improved transportation and equal opportunity.

Simeon Mikkungwak
Incumbent MLA
Baker Lake
Age: 48
Family status: I am married and have six children and 12 grandchildren.

Simeon Mikkungwak

Reason for running:

I have the political experience and have been vocal in advocating for my home Baker Lake, Nunavut! I am seeking re-election as I have been involved in Baker Lake politics since 1994. I am fluent in both Inuktitut and English. I have ensured more services for Baker Lake residents both territorially and federally. I am also aware there is potential for sustainable development around Baker Lake, and with growth of population am also aware of infrastructure needs and, more importantly, being one of the larger communities, medical services need to improve and a new health centre is required.

Education is very important also for our youth and adults through the school systems and Nunavut Arctic College, and utilize elders within our community in preserving our language and our culture.

I have worked with Baker Lake elected bodies and also with the voters of Baker Lake and after each session have tried to keep them informed as a community how we can benefit.

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