Three people allegedly beating another person with baseball bats turned into a firearms incident in Iglulik on July 16.

RCMP state that trio of assailants were pummeling a fourth person, who was on the ground, with baseball bats shortly after 9 p.m.

The police responded and the three accused fled the scene. However, one of them reportedly returned with a firearm. The Mounties calmed the person down and took him into custody without any shots fired or any injuries. The rifle and ammunition were seized.

Another individual was arrested and charged with assault in relation to the earlier beating. The victim of the assault suffered minor injuries and did not require medical attention, according to the RCMP.

Although arrests have been made, the investigation is ongoing, the police stated.

Officers at the Iglulik detachment expressed their gratitude to community members for their “continued vigilance and support during occurrences such as this one.”


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