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Birds await spring thaw


OOLOO! OOLOO! Big hello from the island of smiling wind-tanned faces of Cambridge Bay.

Navalik Tologanak/NNSL photo ​It is geese hunting season in Cambridge Bay. Here is a group of geese grazing on what open land they can find on the airport road in Cambridge Bay June 5.

It is springtime here on the island, but we still have lots of ice and snow, more snow than other winter seasons. The heavy equipment operators in town have been very very busy plowing all that snow, clearing roads all over town and also been busy plowing a roadway out at Gravel Pit so owners/campers can get road access to their spring/summer cabins/camps.

With plenty of snow, the geese and other birds have made it up here on island and are waiting for the snow to thaw so that they can feed off the land/tundra. It seems that the tons of snow and the longer wait for the ice/ocean/lakes/rivers to thaw makes it difficult for the migration of geese and other fowl to feed off the land. With much more wind, the geese are flying higher and in the winds, looking for open tundra to feed off the land. So the geese are living off their fat that they built up all winter from down south.

Have a great spring everyone. Be careful and be safe when out on the ice and land while hunting and using guns. I miss my son this time of year when he would love to be going out on the land with his friends and relatives out on the land.

It is almost end of another school year for our beautiful school children. This year the last day of school for Kullik Ilihakvik and Kiilinik High School is Tuesday, June 19 at 12 noon.

Spring is here so all the puddles and snow melting makes it very muddy in some areas in town, please be careful. Our children love biking this time of year – talk with them about safety. Help your elders and neighbours with shovelling snow for each other. Do not go on the ice as it is now starting to melt quickly. Be careful, enjoy spring and see you out there.

Many residents are out ice fishing up at Grenier Lake, mainly lake trout. Enjoy the ice fishing season, soon everyone will be out at Gravel Pit ice hopping for char. A few campers are already at their spring/summer camps now. I hear Mary Avalak is out there, Jorgen and Eva Komak. Once school is done you will see many more cabin owners at their camps enjoying this lovely weather.

Yes we live in the Arctic on Victoria Island where it is usually cooler than other places in Nunavut and Canada. Take care and be safe and careful when travelling out on the land.

God be with you son, you will always be remembered and loved by us. Felix is really brown from camping and fishing. He loves it out there like you did Julian.