A Buffalo Airways cargo plane went off the runway in Kugaaruk during the afternoon of April 28.

This King Air plane flying for Buffalo Airways slid off the runway and into a snowbank in Kugaaruk on Tuesday.
photo courtesy of Barnaby Immingark

“It looks like everyone is OK,” Mayor Teddy Apsaktaun said, adding that he could see that the aircraft had come to a stop beside the runway with a bent propeller.

RCMP and firefighters responded to the scene, but the mayor said there’s no indication of smoke or fire. He’s awaiting a formal report on the details.

“It’s still under investigation,” said Apsaktaun, adding that the incident occurred between 1-2 p.m., Mountain Standard Time.

A statement from Buffalo Airways said a King Air aircraft slid into a snowbank upon landing in the community.

The crew are safe. There were no passengers on board.

The Transportation Safety Board has been notified of the incident, the news release from Buffalo Airways stated.

Conditions in Kugaaruk during that afternoon were blustery, with light snow and wind blowing from the southwest at 53 km/h, according to Environment Canada.

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  1. Your photo on the Facebook post is a DC-3. The aircraft that went off the runway was a King Air. That is inaccurate and misleading.

    1. When our initial report was filed online, the type of aircraft was unknown. We posted an archive photo of a Buffalo Airways plane and labelled it as a file photo.

      As soon as we received pictures from Kugaaruk of the King Air, we replaced the pictures on our website. What we cannot change is the Facebook post, which retains the original archive image.

      We agree with you, accuracy is indeed important.

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