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Butt pickers unite!

Butt picking is a desirable activity in Hall Beach, at least when it rids the community of cigarette remnants.

That's what close to 10 adults and 15 teenagers did last week, Monday through Friday, when they had time. There were prizes available for the most prolific members of the Butt Picking Challenge. Wellness coordinator Loreen Anguratsiaq, who was overseeing the initiative, said there were many cigarette butts lying on the ground outside public buildings.

"My main message to the community was that cigarette butts are (unsightly) to the community and also unhealthy," she said. "But it's a lot cleaner within a few days now."

Anguratsiaq added that she picked up the idea for the Butt Picking Challenge from her community health representative colleagues in Iglulik.

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