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Cambridge Bay breakfast program could use more hands

Pam Langan recently took over preparing weekday breakfasts for students.

This is a look at what breakfasts can include at Kiilinik High School in Cambridge Bay.
photo courtesy of Pam Langan

The meals are offered at Kiilinik High school at 8 a.m. and students of all ages are welcome, said Langan, who has an education in cooking and baking.

Pancakes, a variety of fruit and yogurt are often on the menu. She even served quiche one morning.

“They’ve got to have different things, they’ve got to try it. One little one, he goes, ‘I don’t like that.’ I said, ‘How do you know? You haven’t tried it.’ I had him take a little bite and he says, ‘It’s like pizza!’ He definitely ate it,” Langan said, laughing.

A member of the local district education authority, Langan said anyone who has an interest in being paid to help out with the breakfast program – formerly run by school staff – should apply through the Department of Healthy Living.

Many Cambridge Bay residents know Langan as a librarian at May Hakongak Community Library. She added that her commute to work is a short one because she just has to finish up in the school kitchen and then head down the hall to the library, which is also housed within the school.