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Cambridge Bay discourages business and leisure travellers as virus defence

The Hamlet of Cambridge Bay has cancelled travel by its staff members and the municipality is asking people who are planning to fly into the community to make other arrangements due to coronavirus concerns.

In a public advisory signed by Mayor Pamela Gross, the Hamlet of Cambridge Bay asks those planning to travel to the community to reconsider.
photo courtesy of Marla Limousin/Hamlet of Cambridge Bay

In a public notice posted on the hamlet’s social media on Thursday, teleconferences or videoconferences are recommended as alternatives to face-to-face meetings.

“We ask those visiting our community (business or pleasure) to support the municipality by reconsidering any travel arrangements you may currently have to visit Cambridge Bay,” reads a statement signed by Mayor Pamela Gross.

The advisory also indicates that community programs that involve “significant gatherings of people” are being reassessed on a case-by-case basis.

“This response is based on our concern for the health of the community and particularly the elders and those with compromised immune systems who are most at risk in the event of infection,” the statement reads.

Gross couldn’t be reached immediately for further comment.

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