Hello from Cambridge Bay. We hope you are all well during this pandemic crisis happening around the world. We pray and think of those who have lost their battle with this powerful illness. We are also thinking of those who lost loved ones in the Nova Scotia tragedy. We have many residents from Nova Scotia living in Cambridge Bay. Please stay strong. We are all thinking of you also.

Members of Cambridge Bay Nunavut RCMP Detachment observing two minutes of silence for the victims in Nova Scotia’s shooting on April 24.
Photo courtesy of RCMP

Weather has been warming up slowly, the icicles are back and watch out falling ice from your roofs.

Many residents have been out and about, especially our children since there is no school. School will not re-open due to the coronavirus. We continue to practice social distancing also. Families continue to look after each other and missing each other very much. Inuit and their families are very close and always love to hug and visit a lot each other. Since the rules have been set in place it has been difficult, all you can do is wave and blow kisses to your loved ones.

With warmer temperatures kids are outdoors playing more often and the snow removal operators have been busy, so please stay safe and make sure your kids are safe sliding around the piles of snow left by them. At times it is very dangerous sliding from these snow piles around town. I hope they are removed soon.

The roads are slippery from melting snow and ice on the roads around town, so please be careful when out driving or walking.

The Ekaluktutiak Hunter’s and Trappers Organization continue to distribute fresh harvested caribou and muskox to the residents of Cambridge Bay. We are so very thankful and grateful for our hunters who continue to make sure our Elders and residents have fresh meat and fish.

It is part of an important diet especially for our Elders who part of their diet for many many years that they grew up on this kind of food. If you have lived in the north for many years I am sure you will know this by now. They are not used to eating processed foods too much. Please continue to look after our Elders this way by providing country food for them, they are grateful always.

Please stay safe and abide by the rules, our Mayor Pamela Hakongak Gross has been doing daily video messages for our community and updated us on the latest news on the Covid-19 updates. It is in both Inuinnaqtut and English. It is also aired on our local radio station.

Quana Hakongak for looking after our community and keeping us informed. It is very important that all residents both young and old, all ages know what is going on with this pandemic that has changed our lives very much. Please always listen to the leaders, medical experts to keep this serious virus out of our community and land.

God Be With You Son. Till We Meet Again.

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