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Cambridge Bay's triplets are coming home

Triplets Chase, Mackail and Chester Jr. Arqviq are expected to have medical clearance to come home to Cambridge Bay next week.

From left, sleepy and adorable Chase, Mackail and Chester Jr. Arqviq get some rest. If everything goes according to plan, they should be home in Cambridge Bay next week. photo courtesy of Roseanne Kaiyogana

The infants spent the first several weeks of their lives at Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton after being born prematurely. However, their health has been steadily improving.

Their mom, Roseanne Kaiyogana, said she's noticing their personalities emerging. Chester Jr. is quiet and calm, Mackail loves being cuddled and Chase is a "chatter box," who already acts like the boss of his brothers, she said.

Fortunately, the babies are sleeping well through the night, she added.

Born on Feb. 10, the triplets will soon be united with their siblings: Natalie, Trentin, Jenny, Keatin and Chasity, ranging in age from 17 to two.

Kaiyogana said she comes from a big family and she has plenty of support from relatives, including the triplets' father, Chester Arqviq, who's been back and forth from Cambridge Bay.

Her sister and cousin are in Edmonton with her now and will help her care for the baby brothers on the flights to the Kitikmeot.