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Canada Post extends post office hours in capital

Canada Post is appealing to its Iqaluit customers to please pick up their packages.

To help residents do that, business hours are extended Dec. 18.

Because both of Iqaluit's Canada Post locations are overflowing with parcels, hours have been extended to 9 p.m. today, Dec. 18.
Michele LeTourneau/NNSL photo

"As expected, Canada Post is experiencing a record-breaking parcel season, and as we get closer to Christmas we are experiencing large parcel volumes at our two parcel pick-up locations in Iqaluit," said Canada Post spokesperson Philipe Legault.

"Customers can pick up their parcels at the main post office, located at 615 Queen Elizabeth Way, and the parcel delivery site at 1057 Mivvik St. For added convenience, both locations will be open until 9 p.m. today for customers to pick up their parcels."

Legault hopes that customers will take advantage of the extended hours.

"To ensure that we can continue to process and deliver parcels as quickly as possible, we are asking customers that have a parcel ready for them at the post office to pick them up as soon as they can," he said.

Though the extended hours are just for today, Legault said local area manager Sue Browning would likely request additional days if they proved necessary.