Darrin Nichol of Rankin Inlet leaves the Nunavut Development Corp. proud of his record after 11 years at the helm of the Government of Nunavut operation.

Nichol, 50, said he had mixed feelings upon hearing the news from the GN that he was being transferred to become the director of Nunavut airports, but he’s always felt that change is good.

Outgoing Nunavut Development Corp. president Darrin Nichol, left, enjoys a little conversation with fellow Legion executive member Fire Chief Mark Wyatt at Branch 169 in Rankin Inlet. Darrell Greer/NNSL photo

He said looking back upon his 11 years as president of NDC, he feels lucky to have had always been surrounded with a strong supportive staff.

“The sale of Pangnirtung Fisheries back to Cumberland Sound Fisheries was a big, and important, move for us back in 2015,” said Nichol.

“I can’t say enough about the super long-term staff I’ve had around me over the years. I was blessed to always have had such a great team surrounding me during my 11 years as president.”

Economic Development Minister David Akeeagok said in the legislative assembly on Nov. 13, that, over the years, Nichol has given excellent guidance to the NDC, board, staff and clients.

He said Nichol served Nunavut to the fullest capability and has been very successful working with various business entrepreneurs, as well as investing with new business ventures.

“On behalf of the government and the NDC board and staff, we wish all the best for Mr. Nichol and thank him for all the hard work he has done,” said Akeeagok.

“Our chairman, Donald Havioyak, and I will miss his leadership and hope to find someone as enthusiastic and dedicated to fill those huge shoes.”

Nichol said it’s always nice to have your efforts recognized.

He said he appreciated Akeeagok recognizing his time with NDC in front of the legislative assembly.

“There’s lots of opportunities out there for NDC moving forward,” said Nichol.

“That’s especially true on the equity-investments side and placing investments in Nunavut-based businesses to help grow the economy, create jobs, support the growth of business and the ongoing diversification of the Nunavut economy.”

Nichol said there’s nothing in particular he leaves behind that he wishes he had seen through to fruition.

“There’s still plenty of new areas NDC can invest in sometime in the future,” he said. “We made numerous new investments during my time there and there’s an appetite for equity capital across the territory.

“It’s managed a little bit differently than a loan and it works well for many Nunavut-based businesses, so, absolutely, I see a lot of new investment possibilities in the future for NDC.”

Nichol said he became friends with a number of people who work under the NDC umbrella over the years.

“Being president of NDC was a great job with a great corporation and I’m proud to have spend that many years there.

“It was an awesome experience.”

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