After an investigation into the riot which took place at Baffin Correction Center June 20, RCMP laid charges on 11 current or former prisoners.

NNSL file photo
Eleven have been charged following a June 20 riot at the Baffin Correctional Centre, where significant damage took place in Charlie Unit.

“The investigation identified eleven individuals that were primarily involved with inciting and participating in the destruction of property at the facilities’ Charlie Unit and RCMP were mobilized to contain the situation,” stated RCMP in a July 12 news release.

The following were charged with taking part in a riot and mischief to property exceeding $5,000 dollars: Aaron Akulukjuk, Gary Arnaquq, Suati Atsiaq, Archie Ishulutak, Jobie Kadloo, Adam Kigiuna, Tim Lucassie, Spencer Nakoolak, Edmund Pameolik, Kootoo Papatsie and Marvin Tunnillie.

Additionally, seven were charged with taking part in a riot while wearing a mask and intent to commit an indictable offence wearing a mask, six with assault with weapons while peace officers were engaged in their duties, four with uttering a threat to cause death to staff, three with assault with weapons against a peace officer engaged in their duties and obstruction of a peace officer engaged in their duties, and three with uttering a threat to damage real property of the Baffin Correctional Center.

The riot, which began sometime around midnight, lasted five and a half hours and involved 26 inmates. Forty were later flown to Ontario to be housed because of the significant damage to Charlie Unit.

Eight of the eleven inmates were processed in Ontario, while warrants of arrest were issued for the remaining three as their sentences had expired by July 12, according to RCMP.

All eleven are scheduled to appear at the Nunavut Court of Justice Aug. 14.

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