Christmas games kick off today in Iglulik and on Dec. 26 in Cape Dorset.

In Iglulik, dice games, traditional activities, bingos and many other fun events are on the calendar from Dec. 21 to Jan. 2 (with the exception of the two Sundays during that span – Dec. 23 and 30).

A talent show, a square dancing competition, a scavenger hunt, a Christmas cake decorating contest and a Christmas ornament contest will also be in the mix, said recreation coordinator Ghadihela Quezada.

Many community groups help out, such as the Rangers, the Co-op store, the daycare committee, the hockey association, the food bank and others, she added.

“It’s definitely a community event,” Quezada said. “We wouldn’t be able to do it without (all the volunteers)… each group brings their own set of new ideas and new games.”

In Cape Dorset, there are a few events scheduled before the Christmas games take place on Dec. 26. A turkey dinner will be held on Dec. 24, said Will Sandoval, Cape Dorset’s recreation director.

The Santa Claus parade is set for Christmas Day from noon to 1 p.m. As well, the community radio station will broadcast holiday greetings from family and friends throughout Christmas Day and some “radio games” will take place, said Sandoval.

On Dec. 26, outdoor games begin. The fun over several days will include snowmobile drag races, harpoon toss, tire pull, candy toss and jigging for “ugly” fish.

“The ones here in the bay are pretty ugly,” he joked.

There’s also a candy cane game, where contestants use a candy cane in their mouth to scoop as many other candy canes off a table as possible in 30 seconds while an opponent does the same.
The Sikusiilaq Band will provide music nightly and public skating will be held at times during the holidays, too, Sandoval added.

Celebrations wrap up with a feast of country foods on Jan. 1.

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