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City of Iqaluit shuts down trucked services due to slippery roads

Water delivery, waste management and garbage pick-up have been suspended in Iqaluit due to unsafe road conditions, the City of Iqaluit advised on Tuesday afternoon.

Poor weather conditions and slippery roads mean that trucked services through the City of Iqaluit are not available until further notice. NNSL file photo

Citizens on trucked services are asked to reduce their water consumption and waste water output by deferring laundry and the use of dishwashers, as well as by taking a shower instead of a bath, the city stated in a news release.

Fire and ambulance services will be provided unless it is deemed unsafe or
impossible to do so, but delays can be expected, the news release reads.

Residents are urged to drive with caution, reduce speed, keep a safe distance between vehicles and be mindful of pedestrians.