Administration in Gjoa Haven has been working hard to inform residents and reiterate the importance of following protocol during this pandemic.

“This is a tough time with the Covid-19 and is hard on the communities, especially with the social distancing and hand washing,” said Ed Devereaux, the senior administrative officer in the hamlet.

photo courtesy of Alana Pauloosie
“The hamlet as well as the Wellness Centre are trying to keep peoples spirits up,” says Ed Devereaux, the senior administrative officer of Gjoa Haven.

“It has been a lot of work to educate people on what is happening, the hamlet has made preventative sign posters and delivered to households to reinforce the no visiting rules as well as delivering cleaning supplies to each household,” he said.

“People are picking up on the seriousness of the disease and are aware that should they have any symptoms to seek help and follow protocol.”

The hamlet has stopped all public gatherings, they did build a skating rink on the ice but realized it was not a good idea and cancelled the use of the rink.

A local fishing derby was an idea put forward but again the community was worried about self distancing so that was also cancelled.

“The hamlet as well as the Wellness Centre are trying to keep peoples spirits up by holding trivia questions, contests on the local radio, radio bingo where cards are delivered to each household and Hamlet will be providing the prizes,” said Devereaux.

The hamlet has had inter-agency meetings with various groups such as the Local Housing Association, Health Centre, stores and RCMP to set up contingency plans for the community to discuss preventative measures and to help keep the community as safe as possible.

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