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Connie Arqviq catches winning char, earns flight

Close to 90 participants took to the water and lined the shore around Gjoa Haven – from the bay point to near the airport – as they competed in the annual Char Mania fishing derby from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on July 27.

The winner of Gjoa Haven's Char Mania fishing derby on July 27 was Connie Arqviq. She reeled in an 87.5 cm Arctic char to take the event's top prize, a Canadian North airline ticket.
photo courtesy of Savannah Eleehetook/Hamlet of Gjoa Haven

Connie Arqviq was in possession of the longest Arctic char, measuring 87.5 cm. That earned her a Canadian North airline ticket.

Second place, which amounted to $500, went to Isaiah Palongayak, whose fish was only a centimetre shorter than the winner.

Joanni Sallerina took home $400 for third place with an 86 cm char.

Helen Kaloon and Peter Kogvik Jr. split the $300 for fourth place.

Simon Hiqiniq Jr. And Raymond Aaruq were also in a tie, each pocketing $100 for sixth place.

Mason Qirqqut, Billy Nimiqtaqtuq, Mitch Pauloosie and Carla Pauloosie also earned prizes.

More than 100 fish were measured when all was said and done, said Savannah Eleehetook, Gjoa Haven's acting recreation coordinator.