An employee at Baffinland’s Mary River mine site has been isolated from co-workers with a presumed case of Covid-19.

A worker at Baffinland’s Mary River mine is in isolation with a suspected case of Covid-19.
photo courtesy of Baffinland Iron Mines

The situation is contained, and I want to assure Nunavummiut that this individual recently entered the territory for work, and there has been no contact between Mary River workers and any of the surrounding communities,” said chief public health officer Dr. Michael Patterson stated in a news release issued Thursday afternoon.

No residents from Nunavut have worked at the Mary River mine, 176 km south of Pond Inlet, since March. The company’s workforce flies in from the south. Because this is deemed an isolated case, the mine will continue operations.

The Department of Health indicated that it’s monitoring the situation closely and is ready to provide support and respond if and when necessary.

Baffinland has begun contact tracing and all known contacts have been placed under isolation.

“There is no need for Nunavummiut to worry about the spread of Covid-19 in relation to this case,” said Health Minister George Hickes. “All necessary precautions are in place, and workers at the mine have not had any contact with any community members. We wish this individual a quick recovery. Please remember that we all have a role to
play in limiting the spread of COVID-19, and now is the time to stay vigilant with our public health measures.”

Anyone who has reason to believe they have been exposed to Covid-19 is urged to call the Covid hotline at 1-888-975-8601 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., or notify their community health centre right away by phone.

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  1. If the mine wants to pretct us so bad then they would keep our fery flights on but no that we all got to go through the most dangerous spots in canada flying all over the world there will be a lot more cases then the one they have now

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