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Culture in science class

Students at Umimmak School recently learned how to skin foxes expertly.

"Manasie Noah came into the school to show the students from Grade 7 to grade 9 how to skin a fox," said science teacher Dylan Shaw.

In science class Jan. 16, Grade 7 to 9 students at Umimmak School in Grise Fiord learned about skinning foxes. From bottom left: James Qaunaq, Nallinniq Kiguktak, Jamie Christensen, D.J. Watsko, hunter and trapper Manasie Noah, science teacher Dylan Shaw, and learning coach Zuzanna Mignon.
photo courtesy Dylan Shaw

"He shared his knowledge about hunting, trapping, and techniques on how to skin an animal."

Shaw says discussion in the class has been about living things and their interactions within their living environment.

Noah was also in the classroom in December.

"This was also an opportunity for students to take part in the culture as many of them hunt and it is important to know how to skin an animal when out on the land."

Other cultural activities Shaw is planning include ulu-making, one to two days of survival out on the land, and a winter seal hunt.