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Drawing for polar bear tags

There are daily draws taking place for 24-hour polar bear tags in Iglulik. Hunters whose names are randomly chosen have a full day to slay a bear.

There were four tags available from the outset but one of them was accounted for on Oct. 13, when a male bear was harvested approximately five kilometres from the community, said Jacob Malliki, manager of Iglulik's Hunters and Trappers Association (HTA).

"It was down at the Point," Malliki said. "Apparently they were hunting seals and whatnot. They got to shore (in their boat) and they could harvest that polar bear."

At the HTA's annual general meeting on Oct. 27, it will be decided how the remaining Foxe Basin polar bear tags will be distributed. There will be between nine and 12 tags left over, depending on how many of the 24-hour draws lead to kills.

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