The Kitikmeot Inuit Association has published an Inuktut song book titled Huqqullaarutit Unipkaangit – Stories Told Through Drum Dance Songs.

The book showcases songs from the Inuinnait dialect of the western Kitikmeot communities of Cambridge Bay and Kugluktuk and the Nattilingmiut dialect of the eastern Kitikmeot communities of Gjoa Haven, Taloyoak and Kugaaruk.

“By preserving the words and terminology from these old drum dance songs, we are able to pass on

the meanings from one generation to the next,” stated KIA president Stanley Anablak. “Having them available in printed form ensures they will be available to future generations as well. This is an important part of revitalizing the Inuktun dialects used within the Kitikmeot region.”

Simon Okpakok of Gjoa Haven, one of the elders consulted for the publication, added, “It is more than just a dance, it is connected to our wellbeing (as Inuit).”

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