Close to 160 residents poured into the Auyuittuq Lodge in Pangnirtung for the annual Christmas feast on Dec. 22.

The event started at 7 p.m. and run until 10 p.m. The evening also included some traditional games.

“The staff, the board of directors, everybody was happy to work together and talk about something outside of normal work,” said Moussa Ndiaye, general manager of the Pangnirtung Co-op for the past three-and-a-half years. “It actually was a good time out.”

Staff members were presented with gift certificates during the celebration.

The previous day, the Co-op sponsored a contest featuring traditional clothing.

Participants in the Pangnirtung Co-op’s traditional dress contest gather for a picture.
photos courtesy of Pangnirtung Co-op
Community members filled up on food and socialized at the Co-op’s annual Christmas dinner at the hotel on Dec. 22.
Dinner guests at the Auyuittuq Lodge in Pangnirtung converse while enjoying their Christmas meal on Dec. 22.
Nearly 160 people came and went during the evening of Dec. 22 as the Pangnirtung Co-op held a Christmas dinner and traditional games.



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