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Embrace an attitude of gratitude

When you live in a community for a length of time you begin to recognize the attitude and intent of people's involvement in the framework of the community.

In most cases we have good people joining us and help in shaping the direction and growth of the people. Many institutions are introduced and as we understand the motive behind these organizations we as locals also embrace the purpose of these institutions.

The government of Nunavut has a strong positive mandate outlined in the eight principles of the Inuit Qaujimajatuqannit and these should be embedded in our minds and hearts for a harmonious existence. There is room for discussions and opinions to be expressed and as the principles say, decision-making through consensus. This also means goodwill or good spirits and inclusiveness.

As we engage in our social structures we need to remember why we want to be involved and what kind of impact we wish to demonstrate.

Let's explore one or two ideas: for those who open their homes as temporary or foster parents, you are providing comfort, assurance and protection for the child or children who were removed; for those who listen to an individual who is telling their story that stirs you inside and make you realize how fortunate you are in your world of stability and economic status; when a community event takes place and many hands are needed you put your name forward and you help in making the event happen smoothly. As you are going through the motions of 'volunteering' you are not seeking attention to yourself but in service to the community members.

As you are serving the community members you are doing so with the hope that those you serve are growing mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This kind of attitude allows those you serve to reach out and strengthen relationships with their spouses, family, children and society in general. This kind of positive growth stirs the community members to think outside the box and to live the IQ principles to the fullest.

Let's put away selfish motives and embrace an attitude of gratitude that is inclusive and welcoming.