Pitseolak Alainga, 53, was one of only two survivors to return from a hunting trip on Frobisher Bay in October 1994, that ended with the deaths of eight other men, including Alainga’s father. The men ended up in the water after hurricane-force winds swamped their boat. Rajnesh Sharma/NNSL photo

On Oct. 18, 1994, Pitseolak Alainga embarked on a hunting trip that would change his life forever.

The young man set off by sea from Iqaluit in the hopes of harvesting walrus. Instead, eight of his friends and family members, including his father, would pass away after their ship was caught in heavy seas on Frobisher Bay.

Alainga and one other survivor were plunged into a horrifying four-day ordeal that would put their skills and faith to the ultimate test.

“I kept telling my buddy not to fall asleep. I told him to pray with me and just sit beside me and we’ll get through this,” said Alainga.

Now 25 years later, the 53-year-old is sharing a detailed account of this dark tragedy.

Read the full account of his incredible story here.

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