Kugluktuk’s post office was shut down for a week when the community’s post master resigned with little notice for personal reasons on Aug. 30.

Postal employee Bo Wallenius from Cambridge Bay was on a plane to Kugluktuk in early September and restored the vital flow of mail as of Sept. 9.

Kugluktuk’s Barb Adjun gives interim postmaster Bo Wallenius some homemade bannock as a gesture of appreciation for his hard work and great customer service skills. photo courtesy of Barb Adjun

Barb Adjun has been impressed with Wallenius’s customer service skills and pleasant disposition despite putting in long hours. She decided to bake him some bannock and encouraged other residents to give him snacks as well.

“He’s a nice guy, who needs a good deed brought to him,” said Adjun.

Wallenius is a 10-year veteran with Canada Post.
“Things are going swimmingly for me,” he said of his stint in Kugluktuk.

It didn’t take him long to sample Adjun’s bannock.

“It was very, very good,” he said.

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