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Extensive search winds down for missing Baker Lake boater

After two weeks of widespread searching for a Baker Lake boater who went missing while swimming for the mainland, the exhaustive effort to find him has all but concluded, the RCMP announced Wednesday.

Solomon Tulurialik, 29, went missing on July 31 while boating about five kilometres from Baker Lake. He ran out of gas and jumped into the water with intentions of getting more fuel ashore. He hasn't been seen again.

"The RCMP has met with Solomon’s family and explained the decision to abandon official search efforts," reads a police news release issued Wednesday. "This file will remain open with the RCMP and members will continue to follow up on every lead."

Many residents of Baker Lake took part in the search. Fundraising activities helped pay to keep the local search and rescue crew going and to bring in an underwater search device known as the Heart Rover.

"The RCMP understands that some community members will continue to search on their own. The RCMP urges the public to follow safe boating practices by wearing PFDs, filing a travel plan with a responsible adult and carrying food and emergency equipment on board such as oars, communication devices, flares, rope and extra gas," the news release advises. "The RCMP in Baker Lake are grateful for a loving and caring community that came together to search for Solomon and support Solomon’s grieving family."